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Our Day Care Guidelines

Is my dog eligible for Day Care?

If you think your dog may be too timid or aggressive, call us to schedule a free evaluation.  Many dogs can easily be taught to enjoy play groups.


The following information explains our policies, which are designed to keep your dog healthy and happy.


1.  When you register at your dog's first visit, please bring a copy of your dog's vaccination or antibody titer records.  If your dog does not receive booster shots because of allergies, or for other health reasons, please provide a note from your veterinarian stating that the dog has had a checkup within the past year.  You may have the clinic e-mail current vaccination records to us at

2.  The dogs play in supervised groups of seven to ten.  They may have a rest period to keep them from getting cranky and to permit the staff to perform administrative and cleaning tasks.

3.  When coming to get your dog please wait outside the playroom, to prevent escapes.  Dogs in the room are not always visible from the windows.

4.  Please let us know if your dog has any known allergies, or if she needs any special care.

5.  Please help keep Day Care flea-free by using flea protection on your dog as needed during the flea season.  Be aware that Sentinel and Program only act on fleas that bite your dog, and only prevent those fleas from reproducing.  They do NOT kill fleas.  They do not prevent your dog from bringing fleas into the house to bite you, nor do they prevent the fleas from transmitting tapeworms, biting your dog, causing flea-allergy dermatitis, etc.

6.  As in children's day care, colds may be passed around, and someone occasionally gets a bump or scrape  We do everything we can to minimize these occurrences.  You can help by:

a)  Telling us if your dog plays mostly on soft surfaces such as carpet and thick grass.  A small percentage of dogs do get sore feet their first time here, from playing hard all day.  If a dog has not had previous exercise to toughen his pads, we will moderate his activity for the first couple visits.

b)  If your dog has a cough or sniffle, please take him to your veterinarian, and keep him home until he gets better.  Many respiratory infections are highly contagious.  If your dog is coughing or sneezing persistently we will call you to come pick him up.  If your dog has chronic coughing or sneezing due to allergies, please bring a note from your veterinarian stating that the dog is well enough to attend Day Care.


Thank you for your interest in Day Care!